Natalie Marshall PT, DPT, Owner

PT, DPT, Owner

Natalie is proud to be a part of this team where she is a leading female entrepreneur in the physical therapy industryLocally grown, she knows the value of building and supporting a strong community focused on health and wellness. Natalie completed her undergrad studies at WKU and her Masters as well as Doctorate of Physical…


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Hannah Wathen - OTR/L

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Shauntae Brown Physical Therapy Tech

Physical Therapy Tech

Tae graduated from Morehead State University in 2018, where she played Division 1 basketball and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Convergent Media Communications.In 2019, Tae applied to several PTA schools surrounding the Kentucky area. As of 2020, she is expecting to be accepted into a PTA program to seek another degree. Aside from working towards…